Welcome to the Rixey. Allow me to share some tips to help you live well, seize the moment and make the most of your new home.

Dr. Rixey’s Tips for Staying Lean and Mean

Posted On: December 15

Greetings - I’ve always been of the opinion that regular, vigorous exercise is essential to keeping the body agile, the mind sharp, and the soul fulfilled. In fact, I took great pride in working with President Roosevelt to implement the United States Navy’s first physical fitness regimen and endurance test. We’ve brought that same commitment to exercise, health, and wellness here to The Rixey where you have a medley of opportunities to whip yourself into shape. Whether you’re a gym novice, weekend warrior or fitness fanatic, we’ve got everything you need to shave seconds off yo

A Dog’s Life at the Rixey

Posted On: December 15

Greetings- In all my travels, adventures, and exploits, I’ve always found incomparable companionship in the canine species. In fact, the simple pleasure of returning home to four contented paws and a wagging tail is quite often the best reward after a long day. From my childhood pup ...

Meet Dr. Rixey’s Team

Posted On: December 15

Meet Dr. Rixey’s Team Any good captain knows that a ship is only as capable as its crew. Here at The Rixey, we have a first-rate staff of seasoned professionals on deck to ensure smoothing sailing, true comfort, and a hearty welcome home no matter what the wind blows in. Now that we’ve ...

Greetings and Welcome to

Posted On: December 15

Greetings and Welcome to the Rixey Blog, Rear Admiral Presley Marion Rixey at your service. While I’ve sailed the seven seas, served as personal physician to two presidents, and hosted some of the wildest garden parties of my day, my greatest thrill so far has been the debut of this ...