Welcome to the Rixey. Allow me to share some tips to help you live well, seize the moment and make the most of your new home.

Dr. Rixey’s Tips for Staying Lean and Mean

Posted On: December 15

Greetings - I’ve always been of the opinion that regular, vigorous exercise is essential to keeping the body agile, the mind sharp, and the soul fulfilled. In fact, I took great pride in working with President Roosevelt to implement the United States Navy’s first physical fitness regimen and endurance test. We’ve brought that same commitment to exercise, health, and wellness here to The Rixey where you have a medley of opportunities to whip yourself into shape. Whether you’re a gym novice, weekend warrior or fitness fanatic, we’ve got everything you need to shave seconds off yo

Check Out a New Pop-Up Ar

Posted On: July 24

The Arlington Artists Alliance (AAA) exists to foster creativity and innovation, two things that were integral in the conception of Gallery Clarend...

Try Filipino Food for Bru

Posted On: July 18

You probably wouldn't expect to see grilled pig ears on a brunch menu, which is what makes Bistro 1521 so special. The Filipino eatery highlights authentic cuisine in its many forms, even at the weekend brunch. From 11 a.m...

Savor Artisan Italian Far

Posted On: July 13

When you first step inside of Lupo Verde Osteria, you immediately enter the Alimentari, a small Italian market stocked with gourmet house-made and imported ingredients. These artisan foods serve as a hint to wha...

Raise a Glass at Grand Cr

Posted On: June 29

When Grand Cru Wine Bar and Bistro made its debut in 2007, its owners had a simple goal: to craft great food, serve it with great wine, and offer everything at great prices. Now more than 10 years later, it seems that Grand ...

Crush Your Fitness Goals

Posted On: June 27

You don't have to be ripped to step foot in the gym (or, more accurately, the "box") at Ballston CrossFit. Contrary to popular belief, CrossFit is actually a workout that caters to all skill levels and athletic ...

Enjoy a Pour-Over Cup of

Posted On: June 11

The team at Sense of Place Cafe knows good coffee, so you can count on them to deliver it in every cup. They start with high-quality single-origin and blend...