A Dog’s Life at the Rixey

Posted On: December 15


In all my travels, adventures, and exploits, I’ve always found incomparable companionship in the canine species. In fact, the simple pleasure of returning home to four contented paws and a wagging tail is quite often the best reward after a long day. From my childhood pup Ponto, a Scottie that became my inseparable pal, to my hunting partner Elcho, a beautiful and loyal Irish Setter that protectively looked over my wife and family whilst I was at sea, some of my fondest memories have been days spent in the fields with my dogs.

The Rixey is not only home to the finest apartments in Ballston, it’s smack dab in the middle of a choice locale for dogs and dog lovers – a neighborhood that offers an abundance of opportunities for bonding with your mutt.

You’ll find most restaurants with al-fresco dining cater to your well-behaved, leashed canine companions. Some hotspots in the vicinity include the hound-friendly patios at The Mussell Bar and Grille, SER, and Crafthouse, all of which happen to be literally down the block from the Rixey. You can also access a listing and map of dog-friendly dining establishments in the greater Arlington area via BringFido.com.

And be sure to burn off of those calories with a nice stroll through Ballston, which boasts a walkability rating of 94 and offers ample access to green spaces, pocket parks, and hiking trails for you and your pooch to stretch your legs. Arlington itself has no less than eight public parks (or “community canine areas”) designated for off-leash dogs. A brisk 30-minute walk from the Rixey is James Harden Dog Park in Clarendon, which offers secure fencing, a spacious gravel dog run that rarely feels crowded, and a water feature for cooling off in the summer months. A short ride away, Glencarlyn Dog Park has a sprawling wooded area for your dog to roam on shaded trails and even take a dip in the shallow stream, but if you have a runner please take note that this park, though sizable, is not fenced! Also popular in the area are Benjamin Banneker Dog Park and Shirlington Dog Park, which both feature large fenced-in areas for dogs to frolic freely. Of course, if you have occasion to visit any of these parks be sure to be attentive to your four-legged friend and follow the rules, or you may not be welcome back.

After a few hours of fun, your dog will likely need a good scrubbing and the Rixey has you covered with a dog spa and grooming area on site, lest your companion track muddy paws in your abode. If your pooch should require professional attention, there are also multiple groomers nearby including Gigi’s Pet Salon, Happy Grooming, and mobile salons readily available to come to you.

Of course, even the most faithful canine can occasionally benefit from a refresher course in obedience. President McKinley once gifted me two English Setters, Puff and Rex – puppies that were stubborn and strong-willed from the start. But once they learned to tow the line, there never was a better-trained pair as long as they had a tooth in their heads. Not far from the Rixey are multiple training centers and options, including WOOFS! Dog Training Center, Canine Performance, Pawfect Pups, and Fur-Get Me Not.

It is indeed a dog’s life at the Rixey. In addition to any of the suggestions offered above, our concierge is on hand to assist you with any canine needs that may arise at any hour of the day or night. From finding a dog walker, sitter, kennel, or veterinary care, please don’t hesitate to call if you need assistance.

In addition, it’d behoove you to license your dog with the county. And if you’re in search of a pet, please give due consideration to volunteering with or adopting through the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, which also offers a plethora of resources, service, programs, classes, referrals, and low-cost spay, neuter, and microchip clinics.

As you can see, Ballston itself is a city “going to the dogs” with more and more businesses going Fido-friendly and various canine events planned throughout the year. In fact, the Taste of Arlington, a massive food festival that takes over Wilson Boulevard in May, now features a pop-up Bark Park.

They say “every dog has its day” and here at the Rixey we strive to make every day heyday for you and your canine companion.

After all, sometimes we all need a scratch behind the ears, and more often than not, the best medicine is a kiss from your favorite pooch – doctor’s orders!

Dr. Rixey