Dr. Rixey’s Tips for Staying Lean and Mean

Posted On: December 15

Greetings –

I’ve always been of the opinion that regular, vigorous exercise is essential to keeping the body agile, the mind sharp, and the soul fulfilled. In fact, I took great pride in working with President Roosevelt to implement the United States Navy’s first physical fitness regimen and endurance test.

We’ve brought that same commitment to exercise, health, and wellness here to The Rixey where you have a medley of opportunities to whip yourself into shape. Whether you’re a gym novice, weekend warrior or fitness fanatic, we’ve got everything you need to shave seconds off your PR, set a new 1RM, or flow through your vinyasa. And don’t worry; there won’t be a test.

At The Rixey, sumptuous surroundings and luxury living come with the prospect of challenging yourself to new heights of athleticism. Our expansive fitness center is outfitted with the latest and greatest apparatuses including Peloton bikes, treadmills and cutting-edge cardiovascular machines, free weights and stack weights, Swiss balls and medicine balls, a TRX system for suspension training, a Concept 2 rower, an Assault treadmill, Crossfit rigs, barbells and plates, and a yoga area. Not to mention, the entire space is fortified with rubberized pound pads, so you can push yourself to the limit and not worry dropping a dumbbell through the floor.

If you’re interested in a change of scenery, The Rixey is affiliated with the top local gyms and fitness hotspots to keep you in peak physical condition. Get your WOD on at Ballston Crossfit, voted the top box in the Arlington area, and enjoy your first class free. In addition, Rixeyites have exclusive access to designated monthly resident appreciation weekends where you can enjoy a free class each day beginning on Friday! Ballston Crossfit also offers yoga, personal training, and boot camp classes, as well as an Olympic barbell-lifting club. Best of all, it’s only a stone’s throw from your front door at The Rixey.

Or, check out [solidcore] Ballston, a high-intensity, low-impact 50-minute session that is performed as slow as possible to lengthen and tone your physique. Don’t let the lack of speed fool you, this workout will put you through your paces in a way you never imagined. [solidcore’s] specially designed contraption, dubbed “Sweatlana,” allows you to push your muscles to the point of failure and beyond. If you’re up for the challenge, Rixey residents get their first class free and significant discounts on class packages – a five pack for $135 (normally $175) and 10 percent off a 10 pack.

In addition, there’s Orange Theory Fitness where residents of The Rixey can try a class for free. And Arlington County also operates six public fitness centers that are open to residents at a reduced cost.

If it’s fresh air your after, Ballston is both a highly walkable and bicycle-friendly community. In fact, The Rixey has a designated bike storage area and bike repair room for residents. I’d also encourage you to venture outdoors to one of the many nearby public parks. Within walking distance is Quincy Park, a four-acre public park featuring baseball and softball, basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts, as well as plenty of open space for play and picnic areas. Also, close at hand is Ballston Pond Park (also known as “Beaver Pond Park”), which features a paved trail and is an ideal environment to survey local wildlife. The pond is currently in the midst of a large restoration project, which should be wrapped up this spring – just in time for when the beavers tend to pass through. And for runners, there’s the track at War Memorial Stadium (Washington-Lee High School), which is open to the public from 7 a.m. until dark, but do check to ensure that high school sports or other events are not scheduled.

Of course, I’d be remiss not to mention the Kettler Capitals Iceplex, home to the Washington Capitals practice facility and open ice skating, classes, and hockey leagues for all ages and levels of expertise. The Iceplex is located in Ballston Common Mall, which is about a half-mile from The Rixey and also houses the Ballston Sport & Health Club.

Well, all this talk about exercise has worked up my appetite. When it comes time to refuel, you need not look far from The Rixey for some nutritious and delicious casual dining options. Stop by Sweet Leaf Cafe, literally right down Glebe Road, for great-tasting, organic sandwiches, wraps, salads, and grain bowls. There’s also the similarly named Sweet Green on Arlington, with a seasonal menu of creative salads, soups, and bowls that are crafted from scratch from locally sourced ingredients.

And if you’re interested in doing the cooking yourself or planning your meal-prep for the week, come spring go foraging at the Ballston FreshFarm Farmer’s Market located in Welburn Square on North Taylor Street (just across the street from the Ballston-MU metro stop). The market, which runs every Thursday afternoon from April to October, features conventional and certified organic fruits and vegetables, grass-fed meats and pastured eggs, organic milk, yogurt, cold-pressed juices, hot-pressed sandwiches and more.

I implore you to take advantage of these and other opportunities to stay strong, draw inspiration for your perspiration, and make habits of health and wellness a matter of daily practice. As always, our 24-hour concierge is home hand to refer or assist you in scheduling personal trainer, coach, masseuse, or nutritionist. We can even help you find a sports league.

As Roosevelt’s personal physician, I’d often accompany him on daily constitutionals or “White House walks” as he called them, grueling hikes that would take us miles across unhewn and untamed terrain. During these cross-country treks, Roosevelt had but one rule: no matter what obstacle we encountered – bolder, briar, or body of water – we could never divert course. “Over, under, or through – but never around” was his mantra. And today, I urge you to pursue fitness with the same tenacity, vigor, and dogged determination.

So, don’t be a slouch. Get off the couch. Feel the burn. Unleash your inner-strongman, iron lady, or gym hero. A heart-pumping, gear-grinding, sweat-inducing workout is often just what the doctor ordered.

After all, I should know.
Dr. Rixey