Greetings and Welcome to the Rixey Blog

Posted On: December 15

Greetings and Welcome to the Rixey Blog,

Rear Admiral Presley Marion Rixey at your service. While I’ve sailed the seven seas, served as personal physician to two presidents, and hosted some of the wildest garden parties of my day, my greatest thrill so far has been the debut of this exceptional building that bears my name.

You may simply call me Dr. Rixey, and it’s my ambition here to impart to you anecdotes, affirmations, and adages that engage the mind, inspire the soul, and vitalize all four humors of the body.

As residents of the finest apartments in Ballston, we have many superb adventures ahead. So, fortify yourselves with spirit, don your sea legs, and stand ready to have a splendid time. I know I am.

But first, by way of introduction, a little about myself. At essence, I’ve always held that a life of diligent industry, social refinement, and loyal service need not preclude the joys of luxury living, spontaneity, and the occasional craft cocktail. The choice elements that imbue what the French call “la joie de vivre.” In fact, these are the very ingredients we endeavor to combine at The Rixey. After all, who doesn’t like a pleasant surprise – especially when you’ve earned it?

I have always had great affection for Ballston, as it’s presently known, which proved an adequate stomping ground in my time, but now has truly reached the pinnacle of its heyday. Not far from here, I was born into a provincial clan of eight siblings but always aspired to something more – more trying challenges, more exhilarating feats, and far greater rewards. And so, as if inspired by a tale of Horatio Alger, I grasped myself by my bootstraps and heaved upward.

With that strength of mind and youthful fortitude, I entered the University of Virginia and earned my medical degree in just nine months time – most of which I spent on my feet, reading upright to inhibit collapsing in slumber. Thereafter, I was duly honored to receive a commission as an assistant surgeon in the Medical Corps of the United States Navy. I served aboard several vessels traveling Neptune’s frontier and reaching all corners of the globe, including the Mediterranean, Africa, South America, Panama, Madagascar, Zanzibar, the West Indies, and countless other exotic locales.

My heart, however, though both emboldened and enlightened by the refreshing nature of travel and exploration, yearned for home. As fortune would have it, my skill, hospitality, and social temperament won the confidence of various distinguished personages and I was then appointed Surgeon General of the Navy and physician to White House. In short, be good at your job, but it also helps to be the life of the party.

After serving Presidents McKinley and Roosevelt – duties that involved attending lavish banquets, receptions, and dinners from New York to San Francisco (and numerous fêtes in between) – I retired to private life and that’s when the real fun began.

A carriage ride from here, I acquired several tracts of land, including my beloved Netherfauld Farm, which today I’m told is home to Marymount University. There, I employed the most renowned architects and builders to painstakingly construct Rixey Manor, a residence of impeccable taste, detail, and style. Like The Rixey, my manor was both iconic and revolutionary in design, coupling the latest and greatest comforts and conveniences of the day with timeless American décor.

At Rixey Manor, I frequently had the pleasure of hosting various dignitaries, including Roosevelt, who became a close and trusted friend. Together, we’d often survey the property on invigorating walks and horseback rides. As a token of our bond, T.R. even presented me with his personal riding saddle and bridle, now on display in his presidential library and museum.

Also, though I knew little of the sport of golf, here I found myself in enlisted in founding of the Washington Golf and Country Club. In truth, I was graciously obliged to partake as I’d lost the land it sits on in a golf match. You can’t be a proper gentleman without being a good sport.

And it was at Rixey Manor that we threw some of the lavish and exclusive parties of the era – shindigs that went on into the night. I’ve no doubt we’ll have a few of those at The Rixey, as well.

Now, that’s my tale and I trust you’re already busy writing yours. The Rixey is an ideal setting for your next chapter, one outfitted with all the perks, privileges, and perquisites to tickle your fancy and keep you guessing.

As always, I’ll be at your service every step of the way.

Now relax, and welcome home – doctor’s orders!
Dr. Rixey