Pick Up Fresh Produce at the Clarendon Farmers Market

Posted On: February 28

If you're looking to ksip the traditional grocery store in favor of something fresh and local, pay a visit to the Clarendon Farmers Market. This popular local farmers market takes place every Wednesday from 3 to 7 p.m. adjacent to the Clarendon Metro in Clarendon Central Park, and it features fresh produce, meats, breads and more from local vendors.

The Clarendon Famers Market is a producer-only market, which means that only those who produce their own goods are able to sell there. These include agricultural and horticultural producers, home bakers, and small, commercial bakeries with less than 5 employees, so you can be sure that everything you're purchasing directly benefits the producer. Support local farms and food purveyors with a visit to the Clarendon Famers Market!

Public Domain/Pixabay/shnomoe