Relax and Recharge at Mind the Mat Pilates & Yoga

Posted On: December 11

You don’t have to be exhausted and drained after a workout in order to reap the rewards of physical fitness. The instructors at Mind the Mat Pilates & Yoga actually aim for the opposite. They want their students to leave the studio refreshed, energized, and centered after a yoga or Pilates class.

Sign up for a class that suits your ability level in order to experience the revitalizing effect of yoga or Pilates. If you’re new to yoga, start with the six-week Yoga Fundamentals series. You’ll master all the basic poses and breathing techniques of yoga. Then you’re ready to move onto an all-levels flow class, which kicks up the pace of your practice a bit, and the power flow, another step in advancing your practice. If you want to try Pilates, Mind the Mat also offers classic mat and prenatal Pilates classes.